Join us in shaping the future of business law

We’ve designed a fast-growing collaborative of hard-working, change-making, status-quo-shaking lawyers, drawn together by a love for business law and a passion for superior client service.

What sets us apart

Why work with Lucidate?

Driven by its core values, Lucidate’s innovative approach to practicing law perfectly balances the interests of the firm, its clients, and its lawyers. Here’s what sets our firm apart:

Formula-based compensation

No fixed salaries or compensation committee here—just a 100% objective, transparent, formula-based compensation model. Since our firm has minimal overhead, you’ll keep the vast majority of your client fees.

No billable hour requirements

We’ve done away with billable-hour requirements. This means you can focus more on the kind of work you love; no need to fill your day (quota) with work best left to your colleagues. Say hello to a more fulfilling career and better, cost-effective service for your clients.

Work from anywhere

… well, anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Our top-flight, cloud-based tech stack not only helps you work efficiently from wherever you are, but will also give your clients transparency they’ll love.

Unlimited earning potential

Here, there are no ladders to climb but your own—and no artificial ceilings. You can set your own rates and have unlimited earning potential from the get-go. No politics, and no competing for leadership positions or equity stakes.

A collaborative team environment

Lucidate isn’t a loose affiliation of sole practitioners. We prize teamwork. Our collaborative group rejoices in each other’s successes and has each other’s backs. Our core values are lived, not just spoken about.

No hierarchies or politics

We’re driven by the meritocracy of ideas, not personalities, and certainly not fee generation. Your input is always respected and valued. There are no tiers, promotions, or firm elections—just colleagues that share values and work together to actualize them.

What we’re looking for

If you’re a business lawyer with a reliable, portable book of business and a focus area such as…

Estate planning & probate

Commercial real estate

Intellectual property

Business litigation


Health care

Environmental & natural resources

…then we’d love to meet you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of lawyers will be successful at Lucidate?


● You believe that working together is the key to success and the path to progress
● You embrace tech tools to increase efficiency, lower costs, and provide greater value
● You aren’t scared to stumble because you see mistakes as learning opportunities
● You are ready to think creatively about billing and embrace alternative fee arrangements

… you’ll be successful here!

Lucidate thrives when its lawyers strive for excellence. If you are always looking to improve the quality and efficiency of your services, we’d love to meet you.

What types of lawyers won’t fit in at Lucidate?

If you’re looking for a way to slowly retire outside of the pressures, politics, and baggage of a big firm, we sympathize, but this isn’t the place for you.

If you just want to serve your own clients and view a law firm as a loose affiliation of sole practitioners, you’re not Lucidate material.

And most importantly, if you aren’t going to respect and learn from everyone, please don’t apply.

Where do I work?

As long as you have a fast and reliable internet connection, you can be anywhere you’d like. Our cloud-based tools and paperless-as-possible environment allow you to choose a professional work environment that works best for you.

What’s my schedule going to look like?

Our workload monitoring tools help you achieve your ideal work-life balance. You can work the few hours it takes to cover your overhead each week, or you can pull all-nighters and work weekends. Your schedule, your call.

What tools does Lucidate provide its lawyers?

We’ll provide you with a robust tech allowance for a laptop computer and peripherals, a firm-paid mobile phone, legal research platforms, and top tech tools favored by global firms.

What doesn’t Lucidate pay for?

We keep the distribution of firm resources equitable, so if you have unique expenses, they won’t be subsidized.

How much will I earn?

Our 100% objective model for determining compensation and bonuses removes compensation committees, black boxes, and, most importantly, inequality.

Our fool-proof fee formula:

Fees generated from your clients – the amount that you pay to other firm lawyers to work on your matters – the expenses unique to your practice – the minimum necessary to provide the resources, tools, and programs that all of the firm’s lawyers need and want + your generous, formula-based bonus for being a team player and contributing to the firm’s growth
your (extremely lucrative) paycheck

Our formula gives lawyers the potential to earn far more per hour than lawyers at traditional law firms. And since you determine both the rate that you charge clients, and the rate you charge other lawyers in the firm, your salary is limited only by the market for your legal services, both externally and internally.

What’s the hierarchy at Lucidate?

We don’t do hierarchy. There are no tiers, no promotions, and no firm elections for officers or committee positions. We’re all just employees, colleagues, and peers that share core values and work together to actualize them.

Lucidate thrives on a meritocracy of ideas, not personalities and certainly not fee generation. Our management seeks everyone’s input and anyone’s idea can rise to the top and gain peer acceptance.

What does Lucidate consider in hiring decisions?

It’s simple: Are you a good fit for our firm? A large book of business does not guarantee an offer or continued employment. We don’t care which schools you attended, whether you graduated at the top of your class, or if you were on law review. We care about results.

Clients want brilliant lawyers they can trust to solve their thorniest problems efficiently and amiably. If your unique talents, refined through experience and fused with legal knowledge and skill, have a proven record of attracting, retaining, and pleasing clients with exceptional service, then you have the prerequisites to be at Lucidate.

Is Lucidate hiring?

Yes. If you have a modest but steady book of portable business and want to be a part of the future of the practice of business law, we want to hear from you.