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Whether you want to position your business for growth, mitigate risk, manage tax liability, or prepare for an exit, we’ll help you lay the legal foundation for achieving your most ambitious dreams.


Tax compliance can be a headache, no matter how meticulous your financial accounting—even minor mistakes on your return can balloon into complex problems and often escalate quickly. As an experienced tax counsel, Lucidate provides guidance on federal, state, and local taxation matters for businesses and individuals. We’ll help you avoid expensive errors and work with your tax return preparer to ensure that your transactions are reported correctly.

Our tax law services

Tax planning for transactions

Whenever you move money, there’s likely to be a tax consequence. That’s why it’s first on our minds, even if it’s last on yours. We analyze the ramifications of all your transactions, major or minor, and formulate a plan to achieve the optimum tax results for you.

Tax disputes resolution

It’s nerve wracking to be audited—and if you don’t have your nose in tax codes all day, it can be downright frightening. Whether it’s a federal, state, or local taxation issue, we’ll put you at ease as we guide you through every step, until it’s resolved with the taxing authority.

Tax compliance consulting

Each year, accounting firms hire us to help them address challenges, confirm decisions, or offer second opinions on compliance issues. With over 15 years of experience, we have the expertise to help you navigate tax compliance with peace of mind.

Tax lobbying support

We’ve helped organizations create and alter tax legislation at the federal and state levels and can provide you with the understanding and tools to lobby legislative representatives and executive offices, comment on proposed regulations, and draft alternatives.

Business Law

Our comprehensive approach begins with an in-depth discovery to learn everything we can about your business before crafting a tailor-made solution to your unique situation. From fledgling start-ups to multinational corporations, our aim is always the same: to become not only your business lawyer, but your trusted advisor.

Our business law services

Equity incentive plans

Considering equity incentives like restricted stock, options, profits interests, or phantom equity? You may need help understanding the economics of each option, how state and federal tax laws affect you, and what initial legal work and ongoing compliance steps are necessary.

Executive compensation

You’ve found the right talent, but you need a compensation package to suit. We listen to your business’ needs and recommend options to achieve your goals, with compliance to section 409A and other tax rules placed front-and-center.

Employment agreements

● employment offer letters and agreements
● executive compensation agreements
● non-competition agreements
● confidentiality agreements
● employment policies

Formation of entities

Trying to figure out which legal entity suits your new business? We translate the legalese and explain the pros and cons involved in establishing LLCs, C or S corporations, and partnerships, so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you. Once you’ve selected a legal entity, our cost-effective entity formation services take care of:

● Filing formation documents
● Drafting governing documents
● Making entity elections
● Providing initial formation resolutions
● Dealing with federal tax matters
● Handling state tax registration


As your business grows, you’ll need to formalize certain agreements with other parties, such as customer service agreements or contracts with independent contractors. Lucidate drafts all types of contracts, and also reviews and comments on agreements that others present to you to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible and remaining protected.

Mergers & acquisitions

Planning an exit of your business or eyeing someone else’s? Whether it’s a bolt-on acquisition to your existing business or a new venture, a strategic or financial buyer, a sale or purchase, a small deal or one worth hundreds of millions, we can guide you from term sheet to closing.

Outside General Counsel

Your business may be too small to have its own legal department—but you’re too busy growing to deal with the issues that’ll inevitably crop up.

When you have a general counsel arrangement with Lucidate, you can focus on your daily operations and know that all legal matters are taken care of. And if we aren’t equipped to help you in a particular area that is outside of our experience, we’ll find the right counsel for your needs and work closely with them to solve your legal challenges.

Providing general legal advice

Reviewing contracts

Finding and delegating to outside counsel

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